Thursday, August 14, 2008

Plano Parents Brainstorm Their Children's Future

Have you ever worried about your child's future? Have you wondered what jobs will be available for your child as jobs are being sent overseas? Have you wondered how TAKS testing or Robin Hood is diminishing your child's education?

Let's get together on Sunday September 14, 2008, to brainstorm about our children's future. We can decide what concerns us most, and then we can brainstorm what to do about out concerns.

If you have no worries about the future, but you are interested in your child's success, please come and discuss what we might do to promote a great future for our children. If your children are grown and your interest is for your grand children's future, please come.

Please meet me at the Davis Public Library, from 3 pm to 5 pm.

Please come even if you are not living in Plano. All our children face a difficult future.

In brainstorming, all topics are fair game. If you worry about the fall of the American republic -- whatever your worries -- come and share them.

Robert Canright