Sunday, October 21, 2018

What is Happening with Apartments in Plano?

There has been a big push by developers to build apartments in Plano.  The problem for the citizens of Plano is that the new apartments are ugly and crowded.  In the past the city leadership in Plano worked to keep Plano an attractive town where we are happy to live.  Under Mayor LaRosiliere the town of Plano is turning ugly.  Let me give you examples.  Here are a few photos of a typical older apartment complex in Plano.

What you see above is an apartment complex set back from the street.  There are trees, bushes, and grass between the apartments and the street.  The apartments are two stories tall and largely hidden by trees.  Now we look at a new complex.

Here you see the new apartment complex is four stories tall instead of two stories.  The apartment complex goes out to the street, without a buffer zone of trees and bushes.  The new apartments being built in Plano are ugly.  Instead of an attractive place for people to live in beauty and serenity, we now have people-warehouses.  There is no dignity in living in giant box like this.  The builders are packing in more than twice as many people per square foot of real estate by building large, ugly boxes to store the unfortunate souls trapped in these soul-killing monstrosities.

What a shame that after so many years of careful stewardship we end up with a mayor who chooses to uglify our beautiful town.  The higher density also adds too much traffic to our streets.   Then there is the increase of taxes on us all by a city government run amok.  You might look at the website of the Plano Citizen's Coalition to keep track of the problems we  in Plano are experiencing with our failed city government.