Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Love Plano: the Plato Moment

I was in a bookstore in Plano, looking at Allan Bloom's translation of Plato's Republic, and someone came over and chatted briefly with me about it. The other patron told me he thought Plato's Republic was the best book ever written.

Later, a friend who lives in Plano received a copy of Plato's Republic as a gift, so we formed a two person book club to read through it together.

I love Plano! What a great community Plano is with so many people having an interest in this exceptional book, one of the most brilliant works in all history.

Robert Canright

I like best the version of Plato's Republic printed by Agora Publications. Their version is laid out as a dialog, which is best. It's easiest to follow the conversation in the Republic when it is presented as a script. Even better, Agora hired actors who have enacted the dialog on audio CD. This is a treat.