Thursday, December 11, 2008

PISD's Advocacy Program

PISD's Advocacy Program is a great idea. Plano ISD's priorities for the 2009 legislative session are published at this site and in the school district's official 2009 Legislative Brochure. Citizen involvement is the foundation of our democratic society.

The Plano PTAs are involved in their own Advocacy Project to inform the public about the 4x4 Program: 4 years mandatory of math and science. The Shepton HS PTSA has written about it. The Plano PTA has a short presentation and a more detailed presentation addressing the problems with the 4x4 program.

All Plano parents should be involved in contacting their state legislators about 4x4 because it narrows our childrens options, puts undue stress on the schools, and is 20 years behind the times.

Our children need more education in Economics, Finance, and History to deal with tomorrow's challenges.

This is fine work by both the PISD and the PTAs/PTSAs.

Robert Canright

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