Saturday, June 30, 2012

Next Step at TTU ISD

You have enrolled your child at TTU ISD (Texas Tech University Independent School District), what do you do next?  You need to order the textbook next.  The next day, you need to go to the Course Portal:

Log in to your account. Click on the icon for "Access Your Course Online."  There are explanations for the meanings of the icons. After you have clicked on "Access Your Course Online," then the browser takes you to another page and at the very top of the next page there is a link labeled "Start Here."  That has some information.  However, the link below that which says "Course Introduction" identifies the textbook for the class.  Order that book immediately.  There will be 2 books in the school bookstore.
The "Course Introduction" will tell you which book to purchase.

Further below are the assignments.  The assignments are the homework to be performed, scanned, and uploaded to the TTU ISD site.

Getting started is the hard part.  Once you are started, you become increasingly familiar with the website and how it works.  You just need to establish a schedule that will complete the course before it expires.

Good luck!


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