Saturday, December 29, 2012

Microsoft Mathematics Instead of MATLAB

I tried to buy a student version of MATLAB for my son, but could not.  You have to go through a sales department and that process did not work when I tried it.  Maybe that company is not interested in single item sales of student versions.

Microsoft Mathematics is available for a free download.  You might want to google for the download site. Here is the URL for today:

You will want to read the system requirements. Microsoft Mathematics is nice.  You can help with math without having to learn to use your child's calculator, or to borrow it, or to look around for it. Microsoft Math will do linear algebra and solve equations.  Here is a review of it on the internet:

Here is a screen shot of the equation solver with an equation input:
Next, you hit the solve button.  This tool solves for x automatically.  You have to click next on the link that says "solve for y."
Next, you can click on the link that says "plot this equation in 2D."
Now you have the graph, but the equations seem to be gone.  They are still available on the "Worksheet" tab, to the left of the "Graphing" tab.  If your child is doing a science project, the graph can be exported as a picture file (I chose JPEG):
It is not a pretty graph for reports, but it is free and I don't believe you can export graphs to a computer from a handheld calculator.  I think if you want pretty graphs for reports, you will want a different tool.

Microsoft Mathematics is a nice tool to use for education, and you cannot beat the price.


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