Saturday, October 10, 2015

Are There Drugs in Plano?

Asking if there are drugs in Plano is like asking if there are drugs in America.  Of course there are.  What that means to us parents is that we need to be vigilant, prepared, and connected.  We need to keep an eye on our kids.  We need to be awake when they get home after going out at night so we can observe their behavior.  When we spot suspicious behavior we need to search our child's room, car, and back pack.  We need to prepared with a home drug screening test.  And we need to be connected to other parents who have children going to school with our children.  If you are lucky, other parents might tip you off about worrisome behavior by your children.

You can buy a home drug screening test at pharmacies.  You might have to ask the pharmacist for help in finding the kits.  Once you buy one, check the expiration date at the start of each school year.  Examine the kit before you buy it.  The kits will test for different batteries of drugs, the more drugs tested, the higher the cost, but prices vary.  If a test comes up positive, the company says the test is preliminary and you need to send it in for a certain answer.  What is important is that you can have peace of mind if the test shows your child is clean.  As a parent you need to know that you wait until the morning to do the test.  You wake your child up and take the sample with the first urination in the morning, when the urine is most concentrated.

When I was a kid, almost no one did drugs.  They were very rare, but I think everyone back then knew of one kid who did drugs.  Drug use is more common now.  Our society has us under more pressure than ever.  That,  the declining morality in America, and the aggressiveness of the drug sellers, means our children are at greater risk than ever.

Our children need to know that an arrest record will bar them from working for many companies.  Our children need to know that some companies screen employees with drug tests and polygraph exams.  Some companies will strap you into the machine and ask if you have done drugs..  In my opinion, those are some of the best companies to work for.  Even if an arrest record is expunged, it is not really expunged; it hangs around forever.

On You Tube you can search for "Barack Obama I inhaled frequently That was the point"
Your kids might bring this up, that the President smoked weed, but point out that he was not arrested.  And if he was, he was connected.  His grandmother was a bank vice-president. Obama went to the fanciest prep-school in Hawaii, Punahou School.  Rich kids always get off.  The middle-class and the poor get shafted.  (I have a few examples at the end of this post.)

Another thing your kids need to know is that they should not take their A.D.D. medication out of the house.  It is common for a kid to take his meds with him on the way to McDonald's before school.  The medication on an empty stomach can lead to nausea.  But the drug is a controlled substance and they can be arrested if caught with it in the car.  Have a piece of bread with the medication at home before going out to eat.

If anyone in your family has a medication that says, "Do not take while operating a motor vehicle," don't do it.  You can be arrested for driving while intoxicated.

I believe Satan is hunting our children, so I also recommend daily prayer for our children.  We parents need to stick together to look out for our kids. I hope this might help someone.  This is a topic that needs to be addressed.


Examples of the rich getting away with manslaughter.
U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy killed Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick and never saw a day in jail.  A regular person would have been sentenced to 20 years for vehicular manslaughter.
Ethan Couch, killed 4 people driving drunk in Burleson, Texas, and was let go with probation.  Was it just a coincidence his father was rich?
Oscar Pistorius shot his girl friend dead and spent less than a year in jail after gunning her down.  His uncle is rich and Pistorius will be living in luxury with his rich uncle.
Judges know where the money is.

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